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The Board

Our board members are Eastside residents and business owners who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and local insights to their roles. They represent our community and are united by their commitment to make the Eastside and Lansing at large a better place to live, work, and play.


ENO is over 50 years old and has worked diligently with all areas of government, city council, Sparrow, local businesses and many other Neighborhoods.  This collaboration continues today working together to build a better city.  We have also helped different organizations with issues in helping to raise funds for things like a new furnace, painting homes throughout the area, sponsoring school trips, donating to the food bank, helping with several senior projects, and we continue to support others when needed.  We have received many awards and recognition for the work we have done and continue to do what is needed.  ENO is the longest standing neighborhood organization in Lansing.



We seek to follow our mission with things that impact lives directly, by continuing to host activities and events, work with other organizations, entities and individuals to solve community problems, and work to positively impact city and state policies that negatively impact our residents.  Working with other organizations, entities and individuals to solve community problems requires us all to get involved. We welcome Eastside residents and business owners at all meetings, and we welcome any conversation about a wish, a concern, a policy or anything else that could make life better, for the common good of Lansing’s Eastside and for the City of Lansing at large. Please join us in any capacity you are able. You are welcome and wanted.


Our neighborhood is bounded on the east by US-127 and Coolidge Rd., which also marks the city limits of East Lansing. To the south, our boundary follows the course of the Red Cedar River, a vibrant and natural expanse that contributes to the neighborhood's peaceful and tranquil aura.

To the west, our area extends up to the Grand River and the Conrail Railroad. These features add to the area's rich historical and industrial context, harkening back to the city's roots while promising potential for future growth and development.


Our northern boundary is defined by the Lansing Township and Lake Lansing Road, providing a blend of suburban charm and urban convenience.

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